EPCOR Drainage Plan (Site Service Plan) 

Location: Edmonton, AB

Industry: Agricultural/Commercial/Urban Farm 

Discipline: Mechanical 

Project Manager: Dong Sheng Liu, P.Eng

Project Summary: 

Stamped Engineering Corporation was engaged to complete the necessary requirements to obtain the EPCOR approval for drainage planning for water, storm, sewer and sanitary sewer site services for a new urban farm development. This project emphasizes our passion and commitment for sustainability within  our community. 

To confirm the locations of existing services in the area, Stamped Engineering obtained and reviewed the existing Cit of Edmonton, EPCOR and ATCO drawings, standards and requirements. Based on the heating load calculations the site heating sources were planned and a proposal issued for the natural gas and other underground utility connections. 

Stamped Engineering Corporation submitted the stamped Drainage Site Service Plans as per EPCOR specifications to EPCOR Drainage Services, which received swift approvals. 

All Engineering design and drafting to support this project was performed in house.