Location: Edmonton, AB 

Industry: Industrial 

Discipline: Mechanical 

Project Manager: Jeenu Riat, P.Eng 

Project Summary: 

Stamped Engineering Corporation values the opportunity to support clients by altering their unique concepts for inventions in a way, that their creative visions can come to life. 

We understand the patent application procedure and facilitate the process, so the client has the best possible opportunity of receiving a patent for their invention. 

Stamped Engineering Corporation was fortunate enough to be engaged to complete the necessary requirements to obtain a basic patent for a mechanical apparatus for a client. 

Stamped Engineering Corporation produced the relevant sketches, as well as the intended use and safety information for the application.  As part of our scope, we provided an expert declaration by a professional versed in the subject matter and worked with the client to substantiate claims that show the invention is novel, useful and necessary.  We researched competitor products and inventions to ensure that our client had a patent application for a product that had merit and was truly an invention that would be received as such. 

This projects emphasizes our passion and commitment for innovation. 

All engineering design and drafting to support this project was performed in house.