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Established in 2017, our mission is to provide high quality lean engineering and support at an attractive rate by implementing our "Fit-for-Purpose" approach. Our impressive talent pipeline consists of experienced, multi-discipline professionals and technologists who design, review and stamp with confidence.

Why Stamped?

Customized: Stamped Engineering Corporation appreciates the unique needs and wants of each client. We pride ourselves on building a customized team to accommodate the needs and exceed the expectations of your project every time. We build our team around the needs of your project to ensure high quality work with efficient turnaround times, delivering our services at a lower cost than competitors.


Engaging: We believe transparency is key, meaning you can expect clear and consistent communication so you are well-informed through all phases of your project. Our team will keep you engaged so you feel valued, respected and heard.

Affordable: Stamped Engineering Corporation wants to help make your vision a reality - whether it be a structural design, a patent, mechanical or electrical needs or anything in between. Our team is here to design, review and stamp in a timely manner to ensure high quality work at an affordable rate.

"Fit-for-Purpose" Approach:

Our "Fit for Purpose" approach has three key ingredients:

  • Exploration and Identification: We work with each client to ensure we have completed understanding of the project scope and details, while outlining expectations and deliverables.

  • Data Gathering and Analysis: We use information gathered in Step 1 to identify the skills, abilities, experience and qualifications that each team member requires to deliver high quality results for your project.

  • Implementation: After Steps 1 and 2, Stamped Engineering Corporation hand-picks your "Fit for Purpose" team. 

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