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Stamped Engineering has developed a novel Organic Waste to Clean Energy innovation that transforms organic waste into liquid biofuel, power and heat. Featuring a proprietary filtration system and pyrolysis technique, this technology is a solution for locally-derived and low-emission energy generation.

* Patent Pending in Canada and the United States *

THE PROBLEM: Despite waste management efforts and regulation, waste and waste management are ongoing issues seen locally, regionally and globally. With our population growing, our waste issues will continue to rise.

Canadians are the highest producers of waste per capita in the world.

Each year, the average Canadian sends over 700kg of waste to the landfill. ​

Source: CRC, Royal Roads​

Source: Stats Canada, Waste Management

40% of residential waste sent to Canadian landfills is divertible organic waste. 

Source: Environment Canada, Technical Document on MSW Organics Processing

Organic waste in landfills produces methane by anaerobic decomposition, increasing GHG emissions. Stamped Engineering sees this as an opportunity to not only manage our waste but to utilize it by turning it into energy for our communities.  

OUR SOLUTION: Our innovative design makes use of excess organic waste to produce clean energy, power and heat. It is customized to end user's needs and is adaptive to the type of organic waste used. This means our innovation can be built to expand and complement your current operations, or a free-standing pilot plant can be designed to increase your gain.

Reduction in GHG emissions, pollution and waste.

Profit through waste reduction and clean energy generation. ​

Advancing Canada's transition to a low-carbon future.

We can convert organic waste into clean energy in the form of liquid biofuel, power and heating/cooling.

Option A:

Liquid Biofuel Production

Option B:

Power Generation

Option C:

Heating/Cooling Generation

THE BENEFITS: Our organic waste to clean energy innovation supports Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability through responsible waste management and generation of low-emission clean energy. Our team of professional engineers and technical support staff have the experience and expertise to customize the process to expand on your current operations or suit the needs of a new venture. 

Environmental Benefits:

  ✓ Reduce pollution and waste

  ✓ Reduce GHG emissions 

  ✓ Increase diversion efforts

  ✓ Clean energy production

Economic Benefits:

  ✓ 5 revenue streams for profit

  ✓ Reduce waste management fees 

  ✓ Sell biofuel, power and heat

  ✓ Opportunity for Green Credits

Social + Community Benefits:

  ✓ Increase circularity and local focus

  ✓ Shift to a low-carbon future 

  ✓ Increase off-grid operations

  ✓ Improve air quality

Image by Edward Howell


Read more about our innovation and vision through Edmonton Global's feature article: New Tech Converts Waste into Clean Energy.

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