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Our dedicated team at Stamped Engineering Corporation can bring your dream product or design to life!

To date, we've helped make patent dreams a reality for more than 20 clients.

We provide an independent evaluation of a single part or a thorough review of a complex invention as a whole. We value your bright ideas and want to help you make them a reality.

Patent Drawings:

  • Our patent drawings show exploded views that show how the pieces and parts fit together, so you can describe how to make the invention step-by-step.

  • We specialize in drafting and creating 3D drawings.

Expert Declarations:

  • We have professional engineers specialized in various subject matter to provide the necessary expert declaration to support your patent application.

  • It is vital for engineers to understand the interpretation of the language in a patent to make a definitive case.

  • At Stamped Engineering Corporation we use our engineering perspective to provide interpretation of patent language to give added credibility to designs.

Design Reviews:

  • We provide an independent evaluation of a single part or a thorough review of a complex system.

  • Our professional engineers have the experience and knowledge to assess designs for various requirements.

  • We identify shortcomings and provide solutions to tweak designs.

  • It is valuable to have a team of Professional Engineers with patent experience to lend their knowledge and experience in the manufacturing and product development industry to give you an edge prior to the prototype development phase.

  • We also prepare a provisional patent checklist.



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